Ninja Track

Ninja Track is a belt shaped object which possesses the capacity to alter its flexibility and hence strength. Using this structure, we also had created two applications. One is a physical game interface which can transform a whip into a sword virtually and physically. Another is a musical instrument which can make sounds depending on its shape and interaction.

Special Thanks Hideaki Nii, Shintaro Kitazawa, Dhairya Dand, Masaaki Sato, and Satoru Tokuhisa

Spinout Projects


WIZ is the one of spinout projects in collaboration with a hardware startup company Minds N Hands, Singapore.

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ReelBlade is another spinout project in collaboration with SUTD (Singapore University of Technology and Design) Game Lab.

Credit NUS Hardware Development Team: Yuichiro Katsumoto, Kensaku Kawauchi, Daniel Chua, Loh Zhide, Gabriel Chua, Ellen Yi Luen Do, Ng Teck Khim, Koh Chun Keat / SUTD Game Development Team: Teo Chor Guan, Sandra Chan, Leong Wei Kiat, Andrew Teo, Shawn Toh, Weng Junxuan

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